How it works

See how works.

We use AI models per language and calculate the mathematical distance between words. Moreover, we use mathematical techniques to find similarities in namings and values. That way we are able to understand that for example the feature “Power” should be matched with the feature “Voltage”, or the feature value “PVC” should be mapped to “Plastic”.

1. Train the algorithm

The algorithm has already been trained with over 100,000 websites like Wikipedia and news sites.

2. Upload your own data structure

Upload your data structure to the software.

3. Upload your desired data structure

Upload your desired data structure to the software.

4. Let the algorithm do the hard work for you

The algorithm converts your own data structure to your desired data structure.

Still not convinced?

We have created a video in which we show the interface and demonstrate how the platform works! Watch it here!

WEBINAR: Automatiseer het schrijven van productbeschrijvingen

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